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Nick Academy
CREATIVE & Product

Creative director of Nick Academy, Nickelodeon’s first edutainment platform and brand for kids aged 6-10. Nick Academy was built around ״The Loud House" IP and aims to develop 21st century skills and STEM knowledge.

Nick Academy was created by KFFE, a product company under ‘Beta - Paramount Backed Incubator’, who initiated the project together with Paramount International.

For the branding & marketing design for the project, see the Nick Academy Branding page.


Expanding the entertainment-first Nickelodeon brand into a new territory focused on education, and figuring out a way to get children excited about learning.


THE Solution

Nick Academy is a mobile-based app that combines known entertainment brands with education in an interconnected learning system. It features an advanced curriculum-based learning system through gamified challenges and tutorials. 

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Interconnected Learning

Nick Academy is based around interconnected learning -  with multiple subjects who are connected through a metagame system of levels, unlockables, quests and rewards.


The platform’s UX was designed with the ability to expand the content library endlessly while still creating meta-quests (dubbed “adventures”) that combine different topics together.

Nick Academy Creative Process
Nick Academy Creative Process

"the Loud House"

The main brand used for Nick Academy was “The Loud House”, Nickelodeon's hit show and IP. Working together with the international brand team, we tailored the platform to match the existing IP ruleset, and expanded upon it to match it with our gameplay features and the brand’s mission of creating a diverse and inclusive digital space.

New Educational worlds

We partnered with several leading educational institutions to develop new IP that would fit their curriculum.


Our team designed each world and it’s games with different aesthetics to match the game mechanics and knowledge base. In some cases, we re-adapted existing IP, like Code Monkey. In other cases, we got a chance to invent a whole new world for the games.

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